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TimeScape is an excellent tool for managing your daily operations!   The reports that it can produce are extremely beneficial for daily accountability and management of job efficiency. The new Live features eliminate the need for an independent GPS tracking system saving time and overhead costs. If used to its full capacity, it will pay for itself in a matter of months!

Jodi Joseph
Vice President of Operations, Lambert’s
TNLA Region IV Chairman 


As Acres Group grew in its scope of operations, we had to add significant numbers of laborers. Our time and Attendance was manual, we kept everything on paper cards, and then had to manually enter this data into the payroll system, as well as the production tracking systems. It has taken over 10-15 minutes per laborer to key the data, and verify proper application. This was the major pain point for the growth of the organization, as we could not bill what we had not entered yet. Reconciliation was a nightmare. So, an automated system was needed, and we chose Modeco and Timescape as our partner. They had come from the same industry and knew the issues we face and methods of resolving them.

Our manual data collection, driving out to each site, keying in the data, and then transmitting it to payroll were among the largest pain points. Modeco and Timescape has seen this in countless situations, and have developed tools that greatly increase the automation, accuracy, and speed of what is a necessary but sometimes evil task. Now they are asking for more realtime data, as well as GPS tracking, which we have separate solutions for, but we will be enhancing our use of Timescape to include these functions that already present in the tool.

Bruce Reid
​IT Manager, Acres Group 


 Our company was growing and adding crews, when I started looking into Timescape we had 3 crews and 10-12 employees, I had to keep track of them not only their hours but also what task they where doing and what materials where used on the projects. I had to look at 3 separate daily crew leaders sheets usually a few days or as much as a week after work was completed and I knew I was missing info and billable work.   

As we started to grow and add office staff, crews and a team its was second nature, Our payroll and time tracking is collected daily, we review work completed and confirm with crews task and Materials used, we also add comments into Timescape as needed so when we run our reports we have great history which allows us to have detail invoices.  Our shop mechanic also tracks our assets and tracks repairs on most of our equipment.

One great benefit of collecting data is all the history we have for the account mangers to look back on, we can see how the crews do from week to week and then we can better job cost and adjust service agreements as needed.

I forgot to mention that now we run 8 crews 3 maintenance 1 enhancement - 1 horticultural and 3 install crews and I couldn't imagine keeping  track of that many employees, tasks and materials as accurately with out Timescape!

Michael Bonadio, MCLP, MCH
​President, A. Bonadio & Sons, Inc. 


 TimeScape saves me time!  As an owner/manager who doesn’t need more time in their day?  I’ve been using TimeScape for 9.5 years now and the best part of using TimeScape for me, is seeing how much time I can save while getting the important data I need every day!  With TimeScape Live the information is available as it happens and everyone on our crews has learned how to use it.  More importantly they understand how it contributes to the bottom line by scanning correctly.  It’s easy for a new hire to learn and at the end of the day, the data is all assembled in a way we can use it for billing, payroll and inventory.    TimeScape is a product I can truly recommend!

Johnette Taylor
President, Roundtree Landscaping, Inc.  


 Our company joined Modeco back in 2006 after seeing their hardware and software package at the TNLA at the annual summer convention.  I had it in my mind that is Brown (UPS) or Fed Ex could automate their processes then we should be able to as a full time grounds maintenance, landscape and irrigation company.  I believe we might have been their first account to sign up for the software in the state of Texas.  Their training and support was very good since the beginning. 

​Modeco has also continued to progress with the times and keep their timescape cutting edge.  We now use TS Live, which replaces the needed gps we have in our trucks.  We can know where and what all crew members are doing at any given time of the day.  At the end of the day, all the input is already loaded up, ready to close out and goes to report form for the daily work.  Still to this day, if we have a problem, we can get a live person to help us solve our problems.  TS Live is a great tracking product for job labor, materials and task performed.  Thank you Modeco for staying on the cutting edge for over 10+ years!

​Carroll W. Fitzgerald
​President, Fitzgerald's Landscape