TimeScape Subscription

Modeco now offers a new subscription option to use and enjoy the benefits of TimeScape™ mobile time and production tracking system.

The subscription option is a low monthly fee based on the quantity of employees tracked in TimeScape™. This option has become quite popular for those who do not wish to purchase TimeScape™ as a capital expenditure with the normal up-front costs involved. 

Clients enjoy benefits such as Customer Care, support and training, upgrades when released during the subscription time at no charge. Software is owned by Modeco and utilized by customer. Hardware, software modules and services are sunk costs and owned by client.

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Customer Care

 Modeco Systems offers Customer Care plans with a monthly fee. 

For clients that do not wish to take part in the Monthly Customer Care, we also offer services paid for by the hour. 

Please contact Modeco Systems for a Customer Care Plan specific to your company. 

TimeScape Assist

TimeScape Assist is a NEW service Modeco Systems is offering to help with the 

approval process of Employee Time Cards.   

Benefits Include: 

Off-site time card approval & clean up 

More efficient utilization of staff 

Verify GPS matches the scanning from the crews  

Close completed Work Orders 

Email reports to management team 

Budget management warnings 

TimeScape Assist tailored packages   

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