Open Positions

Junior Software Engineer

  • Take incoming technical calls and gather details related to the issue. 
  • Enter into CRM and Ticketing Software.
  • Resolve/correct issue or schedule yourself or another person to meet with the customer within 24 hours.
  • Perform installations. Work with customer to install product on their computer. This includes identifying which computers to install on, updating computer’s OS if needed, and creating related directory structures to hold databases and other product related files.
  • Install and configure Windows and Web Services
  • Query SQL databases and update stored procedures and views
  • Document the customer’s server structure, file/folder paths, and passwords. 
  • Deploy software updates for desktop and phone applications.
  • Answers questions regarding software and hardware.
  • Update User Guides for all software products.
  • Work with Administrator of the new server, network, and all local & remote computers. 
  • Work with software engineer to improve the current code base

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