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Modeco Systems has developed a simple and highly efficient time tracking system for mobile employees. Employees collect data with a small hand held scanner. Collect job, task and material data with 100% accuracy. Shows exact time of arrival / departure from customer sites.
Timescape LIVE

Using your SmartPhone, it's as simple as taking a picture!

No menus, no pull-down lists, no confusion for employees in the field. . .SIMPLE!

For nine years, TimeScape™ has been delivering real-time production tracking. Now TimeScape™ is available LIVE throughout the work-day. Have LIVE access of every employee's current GPS location and the day's work completed.

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Bradshaw Video
We are honored to be highlighted in a ˝ hour educational news clip hosted by Terry Bradshaw []. The clip explores trends related to effective ways of managing today’s mobile workforce. Focus is on how technology is impacting today’s mobile workers and what industries are benefiting, and those industries that could benefit from technology solutions such as those by Modeco Systems.

The simplicity and cost effectiveness of these mobile workforce solutions for businesses of all sizes will also be discussed. Sebert Landscaping [] of Chicago Illinois is featured and explains how they have benefited from Modeco System’s TimeScape mobile production tracking system.

This segment will air one (1) time nationally on FOX Business Network, and nineteen (19) times regionally on CNN Headline News through regional cable operators and/or Regional News Networks, in many of the top 100 markets nationwide.

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